My Geocaches

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Geocaches I've placed

Cache: (GCJ7P8) Bauervic Gnome

Bauervic Gnome Photograph Scrapbook

Cache: (GC99B2) Erlanger's Silver Lake

Cache: (GC8326) Forager's Forest

Cache: (GCJ7PN) Get A Life, Go Geocaching!

Cache: Magellan BE THERE Adventure #23

Cache: (GCBA53) Tamarack Cache

Tamarack Cache Photograph Scrapbook

Cache: (GC96C4) Up Ferguson Way

Archived Caches (No Longer Available to Find)

Cache: (GC1318) Sterling Stash

Sterling Stash Photograph Scrapbook

Cache: (GC1AE3) Pick Me Pinckney

Event: (GC1B7E) S.E.M.C.O.

Geocaches I've found and logged


Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure III Photo Album

My Travel Bugs

Alex the Yearling (currently missing)

Cincinnati Style Chil



Little Tykes

New Improved Fancy Salted Mixed Nuts


  Travel Bugs I've Found

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